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Students of M.Tech Information Security Management completed their 6 months disseration in various fields of Inofrmation security. They have integrated approaches of Big Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning in their thesis work. Some of the broad areas of thesis work are big data, social networks, machine learning, Algorithmic Bias, Online Social Media, identity theft Identity resolution,Social Media, Identity Linkage, social networks ,privacy ,security, cyber-bullying, Research Community,Social Network,Community Detection,Characterisation of Networks, Twitter, Information diffusion, Digital Investigation, Gabor filter; Zernike moments; face; iris; fingerprint; knuckle; feature extraction, Switching, Routing, IDS, Log Aggregator, Text Summarization, Abstractive & Extractive Summarization, Graph based Summarization, Machine Learning, Vulnerability Analysis, XML vulnerabilities Data security, Cryptography, Steganography, Steganalysis, Cloud Storage, network security, authentication, switch configuration, Neural Network.


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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Divya Sekhri Female
2 Richa Singh Female
3 Chetna Sharma Female
4 Damyanti K. Anand Female None
5 Arti Bhagat Female
6 Srishti Agarwal Female
7 Ankita Singh Female
8 Kavya Gupta Female
9 Vasundhara Ghose Female
10 Shailee Kaushik Female
11 Priyanka Gupta Female
12 Anjali Kumari Female
13 Prerna Aggarwal Female
14 Preeti Goyal Female
15 Deeksha Lakhani Female
16 Shruti Mudgil Female None
17 Surbhi Prakash Female
18 Soumyashree Mishra Female
19 Kripa Female
20 Trapti Jain Female
21 Akanksha Sharma Female
22 Akanksha Dhamija Female
23 Monica Female
24 Astha Singh Female None
25 Vanyaa Gupta Female
26 Chhavi Dua Female
27 Sriti Shekhar Female None
28 Himani Sharma Female None
29 Divya Upreti Female None

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