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National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (formerly Regional Engineering College) was established in the year 1986. The campus is spread in 177.1 Acres of land in a picturesque surrounding facing snow clad Dhaulladhar ranges. It was renamed as National Institute of Technology along with all other RECs in year 2002 and conferred Deemed University status wef June 26, 2002. The Institute has been awarded the status of Institute of National Importance wef August 15, 2007 in promulgation of NIT Act 2007. At present, NIT Hamirpur offers four years B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering and a five years degree in B.Arch. The Institute also offers Integrated (Dual Degree) in Computer Science & Engineering, and Electronics & Communication Engineering. The admission to all these UG programmes is made through an all India level competitive examination JEE-Main. All eligible UG programmes have been accredited by NBA for five years. The Institute is offering M.Tech. programmes since 2005. Seventeen M.Tech./M.Arch. programmes are running at present. In 2006, Ph.D. programme was started in all disciplines of engineering, sciences and humanities. From the session 2015-16, MBA programme has also been started. Looking at the growing importance of information security for individual and organizations, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India has formulated and initiated a project in 2005 entitled Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) which was completed in 2014 and Phase II of the said Project was approved in April 2014 with an outlay of Rs. 96.08 Crore for a period of 5 years. NIT Hamirpur has also been associated with this project during Phase-I and is member of Phase-II alongwith other academic institutions such as IITs, NITs and IIITs. CDAC Hyderabad is Project Management Unit for this project. Based upon the faculty expertise of the Department, NIT Hamirpur has opted thematic areas of information security in wireless networks, mobile ad hoc networks, and wireless sensor networks under this project. As a result of participation in this project, we have created facilities in network security and creating more lab facilities, have retrofitted various security related courses and projects at BTech and MTech level, and guiding PhDs information security.

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# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Manvi F None
2 Siddharth Aggarwal M None
3 Manish Agarwal M None
4 Abhinav M None
5 Anamika F None
6 Rahul Dhiman M None
7 Sheweta F None
8 Pooja F None
9 Sahil Deep Mehra M None
10 Akhil Arya M None
11 Manoj Kumar M None
12 Prikshit Sharma M None
13 Tarun Mahawar M None
14 Lal Chand M None
15 Ashutosh Dadhich M None
16 Ashish Rana M None
17 Aditi Soni F None
18 Utkarsh Singh M None
19 Diwanshu Guleria M None
20 Lokesh Sharma M None
21 Shashank Kumar M None
22 Shiwani F None
23 Akash M None
24 Himanshu Kashyap M None
25 Mandeep Singh M None
26 Vivek Vigian M None
27 Rishab Chaudhary M None
28 Mahima Mahant F None
29 Anjali Dhiman F None
30 Tanya Pathania F None
31 Shivam Mahajan M None
32 Bhargavi F None
33 Tarun Rajput M None
34 Deepika Guleria F None
35 Ali Anwar M None
36 Gurpreet Singh M None
37 Rahul Kumar M None
38 Deepak Meena M None
39 Vishal Kaundal M None
40 Ravi Ranjan Kumar M None
41 Anil Kumar Meena M None
42 Sahil Singh Rangra M None
43 Nitin Kumar M None
44 Amarjeet Singh M None
45 Aarti Devi F None
46 Prashant Kumar M None
47 Sukhpreet Bawa M None
48 Priyankul Kashyap M None
49 Kamal Singh Samant M None
50 Vineet Kumar M None
51 Madhavarapu Anurag Rao M None
52 Gourav Choudhary M None
53 Manish Kumar M None
54 Ayushi Sharma F None
55 Kartik Minhas M None
56 Prerna Garg F None
57 Sumit Kumar Rao M None
58 Chetan Meena M None
59 Sunakshi Tejwani F None
60 Asif Salam M None
61 Shikhar Srivastava M None
62 Neha Nagpal F None
63 Utkarsh Raj M None
64 Shantanu Shukla M None
65 Abhinay Pratap Singh M None
66 Astha Purohit F None
67 Prashant Shukla M None
68 Ajay Kumar M None
69 Arpita Jain F None
70 Prashant Gupta M None
71 Pranjal Kumar M None
72 Shailendra Panwar M None
73 Shivam Nag M None
74 Mohit Tak M None
75 Abhishek Rastogi M None
76 Suyash Garg M None
77 Abhishek Negi M None
78 Himanshi Kaushik F None
79 Sachin Gupta M None
80 Karandeep Singh Mann M None
81 Navdeep Singh Shekhawat M None
82 Biki Shah M None
83 Sandip Kumar M None
84 Rakesh Kumar M None
85 Sarv Shakti Singh M None
86 Chahat Aggarwal M None
87 Chanchrik Bhardwaj M None
88 Harsh Sonker M None
89 Hriday Kumar M None
90 Sumit Kumar Verma M None
91 Snigdha F None
92 Pratyush Dogra M None
93 Shubham Nirban M None
94 Shavi F None
95 Asmita Mahajan F None
96 Abhinav Singh Rialch M None
97 Ajeet Dehal M None
98 Utkarsh Gautam M None
99 Harshit M None
100 Vikas Thakur M None
101 Chandan M None
102 Rohit Panjla M None
103 Rajat Thakur M None
104 Shubhender M None
105 Meenakshi F None
106 Konica Thakur F None
107 Ankit Sood M None
108 Nikhil Sharma M None
109 Sudhansu Surana M None
110 Saurabh Sharma M None
111 Rittwik Sood M None
112 Didhiti F None
113 Yogesh M None
114 Himanshu Sharma M None
115 Rahul Dharmoni M None
116 Shivam Dhuria M None
117 Nikhil Kumar M None
118 Aayush Sood M None
119 Manish Kumar M None
120 Aditya Khurana M None
121 Shubham Sharma M None
122 Rohit Kumar M None
123 Vishal Sadural M None
124 Maithaili Joshi F None
125 Rohit Meena M None
126 Sahil Rameela M None
127 N. Ashok Kumar M None
128 Akshay Kumar M None
129 Asy Mehmuda M None
130 Aanchal Singh F None
131 Ankita Kumari F None
132 Shubham Sharma M None
133 Abhishek Kapoor M None
134 Bharat Vishnoi M None
135 Kollu Nagaraju M None
136 N. Pavan Datta M None
137 Nitesh Kumar Singh M None
138 Ashish Saini M None
139 Sonali F None
140 Manoj Kumar M None
141 Ashish Kumar M None
142 Naman Jain M None
143 Pratibha F None
144 Simran Jandu F None
145 Asheesh Kumar Singhal M None
146 Aman Shukla M None
147 Deepanshu Kohli M None
148 Akshay Kumar M None
149 Shaphali Gupta F None
150 Kriti Kushuaho F None
151 Koduri Teja M None
152 Samyak Mehta M None
153 Deepak Kumar M None
154 Sakshi Sonker F None
155 Vishnu Edava M None
156 Ashwani Bhardwaj M None
157 Bezawada Deepak M None
158 Amit M None
159 Manshi Kamal F None
160 Neha Singh F None
161 Dhanesh Singh M None
162 Hima Bindu F None
163 Prakhar Srivastava M None
164 Maddineni Akhil M None
165 Ujjwal Bhardwaj M None
166 Pranati Dwivedi F None
167 Vivek Kumar Yadav M None
168 Preetjot F None
169 M. Chetan Chowdary M None
170 Sai Projay M None
171 Ashutosh Pandey M None
172 Samya F None
173 Pankaj M None
174 Ankush M None
175 Sonu Mewal F None
176 Sonam Angdue M None
177 Shubham Trivedi M None
178 Ayush Mishra M None
179 V. Rani Teja M None

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