Six Month Diploma : CDAC

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1. A) Programming concepts :- C Programming( 8 days) ( 7/1/19----16/1/19) Introduction to Linux OS and working Environment, Overview of Embedded C, Pointers, Functions ,Arrays, Strings, Structures 2. Basics of IoT ( 3 days) (17/1/19----21/1/19) Definition of “Internet of Things”, Evolution of IoT, Requirements and societal Impact of IoT, Concepts and Terminology of The Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Building Blocks, Embedded Systems in IoT and the interaction between software and hardware in an IoT device, IoT Enabling technologies, Role of operating system to support software in an IoT device, Applications of IoT, Challenges in IoT. 1. B) Python ( 7 days) (22/1/19----30/1/19) Introduction to Python, Scope, Data Types, Control Flow, Functions, Modules & Packages, Standard Libraries, Data Structures, File Handling 3. IoT Communication and Network Protocols (31/1/19-------1/2/19) (2 days) IOT Communication Requirements, use of networking and basic networking hardware, Communication models and Data exchange formats, TCP/IP Protocol stack , IPv4 & IPv6 basics (4/2/19 ------08/2/19) (5 days) M2M in IOT, Communication standards, , overview of Link, IP Layers, TCP,UDP Protocols & Socket Programming, Network layers L2 &L3, Apples Bonjour protocol, Overview of mDNS, IOT Protocols(MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, REST, Web Sockets ) , Wireless Protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE) 4. Introduction and interfacing with Wi-Fi certified IoT kit TI CC3200 (10 hrs theory & 70 hrs practical ) ( 4 weeks) (11/2/19------8/3/19) Introduction to the CC3200MOD Launchpad, GPIO interfacing, Peripheral Programming (UART, ADC, SPI, I2C, On-board and External Sensor Interfacing, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, Stepper motor) 1.C) Core Java ( 8 days) (11/3/19-----22/3/19) ( 2 weeks) Data Types, Operators, Control Statements, Classes and Methods, Constructor, Inner Classes and Inheritance, Interface and Package, Exception Handling, String Handling, Collection Framework, Multi-Threading, Event Handling, AWT,File Handling , JDBC

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Mr.Navdeep Singh Chahal
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Manpreet Singh Male None
2 Pankaj Pathania Male None
3 Mudhit Kumar Male None
4 Nitin Thakur Male None
5 Jagmeet Singh Male None
6 Erwal Singh Male None
7 Shiva Kalyan Male None
8 Sonia Female Govt.Industrail Training Institute, Solan, HP
9 Himanshu Kumar Male None
10 Bhawna Rajput Male None
11 Jyoti Not Uploaded Chartered Institute of Technology
12 Archana Kumari Female None
13 Abhishek Jaggi Male None
14 Sayan Dasgupta Male None
15 Anshul Suyal Male None
16 Kartik Garg Male None
17 Shubham Pahwa Male None
18 Rajan Goyal Male None
19 Ankush Bhatia Male None
20 Mukhtar Singh Male None
21 Asif Rana Male None
22 Harsimran Singh Male None
23 Vishavjeet Kaur Female None
24 Kamal Kishore Male None
25 Saurav Singh Male None

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