Six Month Diploma : CDAC

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1 Overview of language, Features, Installation

2 Python Basics: Variable, Data types, Strings, Operators & Expressions etc.

3 Control Flow: Loops & Selection Statements, Input & Output, etc.

4 Data Structures: Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples etc.

5 Functions & Modules (List of Built in Functions: lambda, filter, map, sum, max, min, enumerate, reversed, sorted)

6 Python Standard Library & Python External Packages

7 Object Oriented Programming: Classes, Methods, Inheritance, Overriding, Super keyword, __private, _protected

8 File Handling, Exception Handling, Unit Testing

9 Multithreading and Socket

10 Desktop Application Development  

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Mr.Navdeep Singh Chahal
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Rajesh Kumar Not Uploaded Jyothi Inst. Of Technology
2 Nikhil Suthar Male None
3 Tanmay Madan Male None
4 Gurucharan Male None
5 Arushi Sethi Male None
6 Simranjeet Singh Sodhi Male None
7 Sinthia Verma Male None
8 Mannatpreet Kaur Male None
9 Nitesh Sidhu Male None
10 Mukul Joshi Male None
11 Paras Soorma Male None
12 Riya Sharma Female None
13 Mayur Bansal Male None
14 Navdeep Kaur Female None
15 Sukhdeep Singh Male None
16 Sunil Kuthial Male None
17 Saurav Male None
18 Palvi Thakur Female None
19 Shamli Kapoor Female None
20 Ramandeep Male None
21 Sweety Female None
22 Karun Male None
23 Parmod Kumar Male None
24 Jasleen Kaur Female None
25 Anchit Goel Male None
26 Bhupen Doley Male None
27 Hardyal Male None
28 Monika Kaushal Female None

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