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Data Analytics & Big Data The theoretical and practical mix of the “Data Analytics & Big Data” course has the following objectives: To learn the fundamental concepts of Statistics To learn the basics of programming on R tool To use advanced analytical tools/decision making tools/operation research techniques to analyse the complex problems and get ready to develop such new technological advancement. (R, Weka etc.) To learn the fundamental for preparing of dataset for analysis. To learn and understand the concepts of machine learning & data mining algorithms To explore the fundamental concepts of big data analytics To develop indepth knowledge and understanding of the big data analytics domain To learn and analyse the big data using intelligent techniques To understand the applications using Map Reduce Concepts To analyse and solve problems conceptually and practically from diverse industries, such as government manufacturing, retail, education, banking/finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical. To undertake consulting projects with significant data analysis component for better understanding of the theoretical concepts from statistics, economics and related disciplines

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Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Mr.Navdeep Singh Chahal
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Vivek Singh Chauhan Male None
2 Reetika Regotra Female None
3 Himanshu Singh Male None
4 Abhinit Bhaumik Male None
5 Shashwat Omar Male None
6 Sahil Mathew Male None
7 Robin Kr Gupta Male None
8 Ranpreet Singh Male None
9 Bhupendra Singh Male None
10 Ashish Mishra Male None
11 Kartikey Dubey Female None
12 Dhirendra Singh Male None
13 Yash Kaushik Male None
14 Mohan Lal Male None
15 Vivek Kaushik Male None
16 Ashima Singh Female None
17 Ashish Kumar Not Uploaded KPR Institute
18 Ayush Not Uploaded Srinivasa College of Engg.
19 Sachin Krishan Khanna Male None
20 Shubham Rana Male None
21 Pratibha Female None
22 Sukriti Chawla Female None
23 Yuvish Goyal Male None
24 Shivam Chaudhry Male None
25 Bhavyadeep Male None
26 Sneha Agarwal Female None
27 Siddharth Nagar Male None
28 Sawan Kumar Chhipa Male None
29 Jashan Preet Singh Male None
30 Pankaj Kumar Khandal Male None
31 Somya Jain Male None
32 Saurav Solanki Male None
33 Pratibha Khanna Female None
34 Rachinder Singh Male None
35 Pranav Sahal Male None
36 Prakhar Tyagi Male None
37 Navkiran Male None
38 Amanpreet Kaur Female None
39 Richa Singh Female None
40 Anmol Nijhawan Male None
41 Adulla Sai Teja Reddy Male None
42 Ashna Female None
43 Aakash Chaudhary Male None
44 Lokesh Yogi Male None
45 Ikjot Singh Male None
46 Anshaj Mathur Male None
47 Mayank Bhardwaj Male None
48 Manik Kumar Male None
49 Akshay Kumar Verma Male None
50 Aashcharya Katoch Female None
51 Advaitaa Badhwar Male None
52 Mritunjay Sharma Male None
53 Garima Sohi Female None
54 Abhinav Gupta Male None
55 Ravi Prakash Mishra Male None
56 Naiya Female None
57 Akansh Jain Male None
58 Ajay Sharma Male Govt.Industrail Training Institute, Solan, HP
59 Yogdhyan Watal Male None
60 Jashan Singh Oberoi Male None
61 Kapil Tilwani Male None
62 Hardik Kochhar Male None
63 Pranav Sangal Male None
64 Devangi Male None
65 Ankita Female Govt.Industrail Training Institute, Solan, HP

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