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B.Tech (CSE) curriculum is modified to include Cryptography & Network Security in the 6th semester and Cyber Security & Digital Forensics in the 7th semester as core subjects. The syllabi for these subjects adopts the prescribed syllabi for Is1, IS7, and ISF5 provided in the model curriculum. These subjects are in addition to the existing subjects namely Design and analysis of algorithms and Distributed Systems whose syllabi matches with IS4 and IS10 respectively.


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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Bagathi Sravana Deepika Female None
2 Bathi Sai Divya Spoorthy Female None
3 Bhooshi Uhitha Rheya Female None
4 Bushi Deepika Female None
5 Challa Tejaswini Female None
6 Chandaka Leela Sai Jyothirmai Female None
7 Chappidi Sravani Female None
8 Chokkakula Pushpa Female None
9 Deyyala Devi Female None
10 Diamond Celestine Aluri Female None
11 Dundi Swathi Female None
12 Eruonda Harsha Praneetha Female None
13 Gayatri Yasaswini Pappala Female None
14 Gollanandala Sam Shalini Female None
15 Gorle Manasa Female None
16 Gorli Harshini Female None
17 Gouri Lakshmi Chennuru Female None
18 Jemima Sadhika Pulipati Female None
19 Kancharla Raja Sri Female None
20 Kasireddy Sireesha Female None
21 Keerthi Naidu Sammeta Female None
22 Korraboina Harsha Himani Female None
23 Kota Priyanka Female None
24 Kundrapu Yaseswani Female None
25 Laveti Tejaswini Female None
26 Mamidi Sushma Venkata Anisha Female None
27 Manepalli Sai Poojitha Female None
28 Modekurthi Susmitha Female None
29 Mohammed Shaheen Female None
30 Mukiri Kamala Beena Female None
31 Muraharirao Harshita Female None
32 Mylapalli Hemanvitha Female None
33 Nalluru Monisha Female None
34 Navitha Kamuju Female None
35 Nuthalapati Vishali Female None
36 Padala Divyasri Female None
37 Palakurthi Sriyancy Female None
38 Ponduru Jyothsna Vani Female None
39 Potnuru Rishita Female None
40 Pujari Rohita Female None
41 Tanmay Jain Not Uploaded College of Airwarfare Secunderabad
42 Sai Smruti Rout Female None
43 Santoshi Sahu Female None
44 Sasanapuri Sameera Female None
45 Sasanka Pavani Somarouthu Female None
46 Shaik Sharifa Female None
47 Siraparapu Renuka Female None
48 Smitha Rani Sahu Female None
49 Srivatsa Lasya Priya O Female None
50 Sunkari Sanghavi Female None
51 Surisetti Maheshwari Female None
52 T Vaishnavi Female None
53 Talupuri Venkata Snehalatha Female None
54 Tirumala Keerthi Sree Female None
55 Valluri Thorana Tanmai Female None
56 Vanamoju Vandana Female None
57 Yedlapalli Divya Manasa Female None
58 Gedela Gayathri Female None
59 Komakula Sai Lakshmi Priyanka Female None
60 Kuda Baby Sai Female None
61 Narava Gowthami Female None
62 Patagolusu Ramyasri Female None
63 Rajapithamahuni Manasa Female None
64 Vasamsetti Satyapriya Female None
65 Arumilli Sai Charani Female None
66 Devarakonda Sri Charan Male None
67 Somayajula Venkata Surya Vamsie Male None
68 Tavva Tejeswara Rao Male None
69 Maduthuru Roshan Male None
70 Bezawada Sanjay Kumar Male None
71 R K V C M Abhijit Male None
72 Korukonda Ram Sri Male None
73 Aka Venkata Sai Prasad Male None
74 Shaik Samsuddin Male None
75 Thota Kranti Kumar Male None
76 Mohammad Natiq Usmani Male None
77 Vasupalli Jai Ram Kiran Male None
78 Komiripalem Rahul Pavan Male None
79 Setti Sandeep Male None
80 Aithabathula Sidhdardha Male None
81 Guttapalli Sarath Kumar Male None
82 Gubbala Likhitha Female None
83 Mallela Ujwala Female None
84 L V S N K B Sravani Female None
85 Y Dinesh Kumar Male None
86 Mohammed Anwar Male None
87 Ponnada Mahidhar Male None
88 Martin Zephaniah Male None
89 Chintalapati Sita Rama Raju Male None
90 Manukonda Syam Kiran Male None
91 Mohammad Ahmadi Zehra Banu Female None
92 Cheekatla Ravi Murali Male None
93 Sai Teja Yeturi Male None
94 Janapareddy Karthik Male None
95 Pilli Satish Kumar Male None
96 Tippanu Uttarasha Male None
97 Vanne Nandini Female None
98 Patnayakuni V S S Y Sai Suneel Male None
99 N Geetha Shruthi Female None
100 Bhavisetty Deva Harshini Female None
101 Bolla Hari Priya Female None
102 Bhagavatula V.V.Mani Keerthika Female None
103 Geddam Keerthi Female None
104 Sirigirisetti Chandni Female None
105 Durga Dedeepya Female None
106 Polamarasetty Likhita Female None
107 Jogineedi D S L Akhila Female None
108 Padavala Sahithi Anuradha Female None
109 Borra V Sai Karthik Yadav Male None
110 Patnana Pavan Kumar Male None
111 Rittapalli Sri Hari Male None
112 Chintala Simon Male None
113 Neela Vineeth Male None
114 Pyla Sreeram Male None
115 Velugula Bindusree Female None
116 Medisetty Chandrika Female None
117 Gulipalli Baby Lakshmi Harshini Female None
118 Akula Geetha Syam Sai Male None
119 Bathula Jyothish Phani Sai Male None
120 Kakulavarapu Sudheera Female None
121 P.Krishna Kumari Female None
122 Rajana Lohitha Sameera Female None
123 Pendyala Lakshmi Srujana Female None
124 Yandrapu Udhyana Deeph Male None
125 M.Bindu Madhuri Female None
126 R.G.S.Jeerisha Female None
127 Neralla Pavani Female None
128 Moida Sri Sudheshna Female None
129 Syrendri Rai Male None
130 Devupalli Saroja Female None
131 Surisetty Jyothsna Female None
132 Chintalapudi Sriya Female None
133 Gummadi Olive Ratnam Male None
134 Miriyala Jaya Meghana Female None
135 Bonam Kiranmai Female None
136 Gadiraju Venkata Praveen Varma Male None
137 Kolla Vishnu Chandra Rohith Male None
138 Majji Venkata Sai Kumar Male None
139 Velagada Bharath Chandra Male None
140 Patnaikuni Sai Karthik Male None
141 Kapuganti Prabhu Vikas Male None
142 S.Charan Kumar Male None
143 Kurapati Gowtham Kotam Raju Male None
144 Kambay Anurosh Male None
145 Saripella.Murali Krishna Raju Male None
146 Tirupathi .Sasi Kiran Male None
147 Ryali Aravind Male None
148 B.Raghava Rama Raju Male None
149 Kunapareddy Bhanu Prakash Male None
150 Pranith Maddi Male None
151 Balivada Nihal Male None
152 Bathina Mounika Female None
153 Bendi Hima Bhanu Female None
154 Dantuluri Pushpit Male None
155 K.Ramya Sri Vasavi Female None
156 Karyamsetty Kezia Evangeline Male None
157 Kavali Durga Venkata Divya Female None
158 Kavikondala Abhiram Male None
159 Kotaru Bhaskara Bhavani Krishna Male None
160 Kusumanichi Eswar Kumar Male None
161 M.S Jagathi Sri Male None
162 Mercy Amulya Kattupalli Female None
163 Mohammed Gouse Basha Male None
164 Mandadi Mounika Female None
165 Gudla Surya Teja Male None
166 Nerella Reshma Female None
167 Mutyala Venkata Krishna Kalyan Male None
168 Boina Syam Sundar Male None
169 Bathula Ravi Male None
170 Perisetya Pavan Kalyan Male None
171 Puritpati Sree Anulekha Female None
172 Sesetti Harshitha Female None
173 Somaka Manjula Female None

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