Information Security Awareness Workshop : &nbsp;ONGC Rajahmundry Asset , Andhra Pradesh <br>


As part of Information Security Awareness, CDAC Hyderabad has conducted four half day workshops on Information/ Cyber Security Awareness Program for  officers of ONGC ,Rajahmundary , Andhra Pradeskh by Mr. M Jagadish Babu  from C-DAC Hyderabad. All above participants are sensitized in the following areas of Information and Cyber Security and total 130 Officials were participated in these programs. The topics covered with examples are:

·                     What is Cyber Security / Crime and Cases

·                     Fake messages identification

·                     WhatsApp Fake Messages/News

·                     Secure use of internet

·                     Phishing and Vishing, identification of fake emails

·                     Uses of Pen/USB drive in secure manner

·                     Cons of free public Wifi

·                     Basics of Ransomware

·                     Internet attacks (i.e.DOS, Social Engineering,  Identity Theft, Malicious Application)

·                      Strong Password for every thing

·                      Technology Implementation (i.e. Encryption,  Firewalls, Authentication, Passwords)

·                      Browser security (Update, Disable Pop-ups, Delete Cookies, Disable ‘Remember me password’ options)

·                      How important of using Professional Anti-virus and their regular updates

·                      Operating System regular Patches

·                      Importance of Parental Control Bar

·                      Mobile Security, Application security

The workshop well received by the participants, hard copies of the awareness material which was developed on these topics was distributed.on 14th Dec,2018 @ ONGC Rajahmundry Asset .


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&nbsp;ONGC Rajahmundry Asset , Andhra Pradesh <br>
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M Jagadish Babu
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