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Introduction to Information Security Attributes of Information Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Threats & Vulnerabilities: Unauthorized Access, Impersonation, Denial of Service Identification & Authentication Definitions, Types of authentication, Password Authentication, Password Vulnerabilities & Attacks: Brute Force & Dictionary Attacks. Single Sign-on – Kerberos Access Control Access Control Techniques: Mandatory Access Control, Discretionary Access Control, Access Control Lists, Role Based Access Control. Public Key Infrastructure & Message Authentication Public Key Cryptography Principles & Applications, Algorithms: RSA, One way Hash Functions, MD5. Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems Types of Firewalls: Packet Filtering Router, Application Level Gateway or Proxy, Content Filters, Bastion Host. Intrusion Detection Systems: Components of an IDS, Placement of IDS Components.

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NIELIT Calicut

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Name :
Sini S Nair
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-1 Male ADARSH C T
2 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-2 Male AKSHAY K SUNIL
3 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-3 Female AMRUTHA N
4 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-4 Female ANJU T P
5 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-5 Female ANUMOL S
6 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-6 Male ANURAG A K
7 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-7 Male ARJUN N M
8 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-8 Female ARSHA A K
9 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-9 Female ARYA SUDHAKAR K
10 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-10 Female ATHIRA A M
11 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-11 Female BHAVYA SURESH
12 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-12 Male DIVINRAJ K
13 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-13 Female HARINITHA H
14 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-14 Female HARITHA M
15 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-15 Female JISHNA CM
16 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-16 Female JISILA V C
17 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-17 Female LIJI P T
18 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-18 Female MANJU V M
19 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-19 Male MIDHUN E M
20 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-20 Female NEENU A C
21 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-21 Female NEENU K
22 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-22 Female NIMMYA P S
23 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-23 Female NISHA K P
24 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-24 Male NITHIN M
25 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-25 Female RINSHA P
26 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-26 Male SABINU P
27 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-27 Female SANDHYA K C
28 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-28 Female SANITHA P G
29 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-29 Male SAYOOJ P C
30 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-30 Male SHARON BABU
31 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-31 Female SIJISHA P
32 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-32 Female SONA CHANDRAN K P
33 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-33 Female SREESHMA O K
34 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-34 Female SUKANYA K V
35 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-35 Female SURANYA P K
36 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-36 Male VIPIN LAL P
37 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-37 Male VISHNU B S
38 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-38 Male VISHNU T
39 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-39 Male VYSHNAV P K
40 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-40 Male DEVAPRASAD R
41 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-41 Male AJITH P M
42 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-42 Male ABHINAV A S
43 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-43 Male ABINAND P
44 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-44 Male ABHISHEK A
45 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-45 Female AKHILA K S
46 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-46 Male AKSHAY P
47 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-47 Male AKSHAY KUMAR M V
48 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-48 Male AKSHAY M P
49 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-49 Female ANJANA KRISHNA
50 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-50 Female ANUSREE K P
51 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-51 Male ARUN P
52 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-52 Female ARYA T P
53 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-53 Female ASWATHI P
54 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-54 Female ASWATHI P K
55 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-55 Male ATHUL P
56 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-56 Male BAVINEESH P P
57 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-57 Male BIDHUL BABU
58 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-58 Male CHAROSH C P
59 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-59 Male DEEPCHAND D
60 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-60 Male DHANUSH M
61 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-61 Male GISHAN LAL P
62 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-62 Male HARI M
63 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-63 Male HARIKRISHNA B
64 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-64 Male JAGANADHAN A
65 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-65 Male JITHIN N P
66 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-66 Male JITHU K SATHOSH
67 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-67 Male MANEESH LAL C
68 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-68 Female NAVYA K VIJAYAN
69 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-69 Male NIKHIL MUNDAKKANI
70 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-70 Male PRANAV V T
71 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-71 Female PREEJA P
72 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-72 Male RAGHULESH K
73 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-73 Male RAHULDEV V P
74 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-74 Female RAMYA K
75 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-75 Female ROSHNI A P
76 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-76 Male SANAL P
77 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-77 Female SANDRA P T
78 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-78 Male SARIN KRISHNAN C T
79 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-79 Female SHIJI E
80 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-80 Male SHIJU M
81 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-81 Male SREELESH E M
82 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-82 Male SUJIN E P
83 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-83 Male VISHNU M
84 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-84 Male VISHNU C M
85 2018/Adv/Course/Reg-No-85 Male VISHNU MANIKANDAN P P

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