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Name of the Group: IT Group Name of the Course: PG Diploma in Information Security & Cloud Computing Course Code: IS500 Starting Date: 26th March 2018 Duration: 24 Weeks Preamble: Business @ the speed of thought has moved from a buzzword to a business reality owing to the integration of business and technology. Digital infrastructures and information networks have become central to any business activity. The information residing on these computers, networks and in cloud are an essential asset and due care should be taken for its security. The impact of any loss of this asset or any downtime of the infrastructure is quite high with the proliferation of easy-to-use tools and open how-to-discussions, the number of people aiming to hack in to or bring down the network is high, both in this country and abroad. Hence, there is a need for heightened security measures to protect both infrastructure and data. Objective of the Course: The Course is a 24 weeks program aimed at molding candidates to Skilled System/Cloud Engineer with Information Security knowledge to maintain the Systems, Networks and cloud infrastructure in today’s scenario. Outcome of the Course: This skill-oriented course provides candidates with information required for configure and administration of OS Server, Cloud Deployment & its Security and equip them with the skills required to protect & recover the computer systems & networks from various security threats in dedicated or cloud environment. Course Structure: Sl. No. Module Name Duration 1 Introduction to Network Management 2 Weeks 2 Introduction to Windows & Linux Server 3 Weeks 3 Advanced Linux Server 3 Weeks 4 Virtualization 3 Weeks 5 Cloud Computing 2 Weeks 6 Cloud Infrastructure 3 Weeks 7 Cloud Security 2 Weeks 8 Project 6 Weeks Total 24 weeks

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Munivel E
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Is500/2018/3/03 Female Deepika Sunil
2 Is500/2018/3/04 Female Akhila sen.V
3 Is500/2018/3/05 Male PRIYA RANJAN
4 Is500/2018/3/06 Male Lad Manoj Balkrishna
5 Is500/2018/3/09 Female Shamika Yeshanth Naik
6 Is500/2018/3/10 Female Indu C R
7 Is500/2018/3/11 Female Nimisha Valsan
8 Is500/2018/3/14 Male UTKARSH KORRAM
9 Is500/2018/3/15 Male APPU M THANDALATHU
10 Is500/2018/3/16 Male KAMBLE PRAMOD NANDKUMAR
11 Is500/2018/3/17 Male GOVIND S SHENOY
12 Is500/2018/3/18 Male MIDHUN M
13 Is500/2018/3/19 Male ARJUN K A
14 Is500/2018/3/20 Female Mariya Sherin M
15 Is500/2018/3/21 Female YAGNA K NIRMAL
16 Is500/2018/3/26 Female CHINJU K
17 Is500/2018/3/29 Male JESTIN STEEPHEN
18 Is500/2018/3/30 Male MANOJ M
19 Is500/2018/3/31 Male Putun Hansda

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