Video Source Identification

Title : Video Source Identification

Abstract :

Whenever there comes a cybercrime case related to multimedia, the first question which comes in a mind is what the source of this suspect multimedia is? Cases related to illegal copying and re-distribution of the media is growing innumerably. Digital photograph and video footage are an important or even crucial part of the incriminating evidence. In almost all past studies they have either focused on traditional cameras or traditional mobile cameras. To compete with the latest technology where sensors qualities have improved a lot it is very difficult to identify the proper source of a suspect video file. This compels further an area of study. We are using wavelet based technique to identify the source. To check the correlation performance we have used Peak-to-Correlation Energy (PCE) criteria. We have tested more than 250 videos/images taken from digital cameras /mobile cameras, using different permutation and combinations i.e. same make and models, same make and different models and different make and models, with accuracy rate of around 98%.

Conference Details :

International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies,

Date :04/01/2016 ,

Venue : Trivandrum

Published At :International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies,,

Submitted By :

Naveen Sharma, Anwer Reyaz J, Balan C

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