Malleable Cryptosystems and Their Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Title : Malleable Cryptosystems and Their Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract : Deployments in hostile & unattended environments and non-replenishable energy supply have influenced the protocol design in wireless sensor networks. In-network processing of sensor readings helps in reducing the redundant reverse multicast traffic, communicated from leaf nodes to the base station. However, hostile deployments and in-network processing of sensor readings have raised security concerns. The present work explores different malleable cryptosystems (or homomorphic cryptosystems) used in wireless sensor networks to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of sensor readings at vulnerable intermediate nodes. As per our knowledge, the comprehensive discussion of malleable cryptosystems, presented in this chapter, increases the applicability of these cryptosystems in Wireless Sensor Networks as well as in other research areas such as Internet of Things, Network Coding, and Cloud Computing.

Conference Details : In the book titled 'Computer and Network Security Essentials'

Date :06/09/2017 ,

Venue : It is a book chapter

Published At :EBook ISBN 978-3-319-58424-9, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-58424-9, Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-58423-2,

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Submitted By : Keyur Parmar and Devesh C Jinwala

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