The global scenario has undergone a sea change in terms of enhanced threat perceptions and ever increasing vulnerabilities, with the proliferation of internet, wide spread use of IECT solutions for various social and economic activities. This is further complicated by fast emergence of newer technologies. The nature of the cyber space viz., usually borderless and anonymity of action is exploited by perpetrating crimes by adversaries. The scale and sophistication of such incidents are continuously increasing. The challenges include possibility of espionage, targeted and deliberate attacks and difficulties in traceability in the cyber world as the state and non state actors are compromising, stealing, changing and destroying valuable information; and thus potentially causing risk and un-estimated losses to the national security, economic growth, public safety and competitiveness.

The awareness program is essential for all the Internet users in India since most of the home or individual users are being targeted as a base to attack the Government, Banking services and other infrastructure. Most of these attacks are happening because the systems could be easily compromised owing to negligence or lack of knowledge in Information security on the part of individual users while accessing Internet or sharing the data with others.

There is a need to create awareness among various stake holders including general public, student communities, children, etc., as their interests has to be secured.

A national level awareness campaign is launched to cover various sections of the society by undertaking several activities such as targeting the Internet users through creating and disseminating awareness material, introduction of information security curriculum at school level by interacting with various school boards, CBSE, NCERT, etc., organising awareness workshops, cyber security awareness weeks in collaboration with local state government law enforcement agencies, design and develop awareness material for various segments, multi-lingual portal, etc.

A dedicated website for information security awareness Info-Sec-Awareness has been developed.


The major objectives includes

  • Spreading awareness to at least 25 % of Internet users ( 3 crore as on 2012-13) of the country
  • The Information Security topics to be included in the curriculum of CBSE, NCERT and State Level School students
  • Conduct half-a-day workshops for the teachers/parents in association with RCs, PIs
  • Training through Trainers in Information Security area - targeting Computer Science Teachers in Schools & Colleges through Direct and e-learning
  • Conducting one-day awareness workshop targeted towards SME / Business / Non-IT/NGO's/CSE's/Cyber Cafe.
  • Conducting awareness workshop covering Legal/Police.
  • Multilingual portal with online support and also a call centre for Information security and organizing awareness campaign.

Awareness Programmes

Design & Development of Multilingual Awareness content:

General Awareness courseware development with provision for regular online updates to be used for imparting awareness workshop / programme for various target user group are being developed. All these materials are being converted into multilingual. Multimedia data is being developed for e-learning mode also.

Awareness Workshops:

  • Under the Academic Category the following are being organize
    • Half-a-day awareness workshops across the country targeted towards school children and teachers;
    • Separate dedicated direct half-a-day training for teachers
    • Half-a-day workshops targeted towards college students
    • Separate half-a-day training for college faculties.
  • Under the General User Category the following are being organized
    • Half-a-day to one day awareness workshop across the country targeted towards SME / Business / Non-IT/NGO's/CSE's/Cyber Cafes
  • Under the Government Category the following are being organized
    • Half-a-day awareness workshops across the country targeted towards Government users
    • Separate dedicated one day training program for Legal and Police

Awareness Activities

Awareness for CBSE/NCERT & State level educational Institutes:

Making awareness program as a part of the syllabus in the curriculum (optional/compulsory) for School Students and Special courseware for faculty is being developed .This can be done by introducing chapters on Information Security, Cyber hygiene, secured use of Internet, internet security ethics etc., in the text books as a part of the existing curriculum. Development of regular course material, reference material, supplementary audio-visual material etc., for the students and Teachers are being Prepared. In addition, there is a need to train teachers as Master Trainer through three day direct contact classes and two day virtual training. These trainings to be conducted by PIs in collaboration with CBSE/State board along with NCERT/SCERT. Teachers trained would become master trainers for spreading awareness and conducting the short duration courses for other teachers. These trainers would further train in their respective regions. This is expected to generate a cascading effect. It is expected to create a long-term impact of creating cyber security aware students who would significantly contribute towards making India as a secured cyber nation. It is expected that the trained teachers would in turn train students in their respective schools as a part of introduction of curriculum in the syllabus.

Cyber Security Awareness Weeks:

Cyber Security Awareness Weeks are being organized in metro and tier 2/3 cities by associating with police and local communities. Cyber Security awareness workshops in association with Legal/Police, Strategic Organizations/MSMEs, Non IT Industry, NGOs, CSCs, and General Public are launched covering all the States and UT creating wide spread awareness among the citizens.

Development of Multilingual Websites:

Standard awareness material for specific course are being prepared and made available through Information security Awareness domain for Government personnel, School Children, Parents, Teachers, NGOs, CSCs, Cyber Cafes and General Public. To scale-up awareness programs specifically targeted to sensitize public about threats and privacy issues involved in social networking which would cover about 25% of internet users of the country. Multilingual Awareness portal with online support is developed and maintained for these activities.

Awareness Campaigns through Print and Electronic Media:

Awareness Campaigns are being carried out on public interest through advertisement and specialized programs or sponsored programs in Doordarshan to spread awareness for a wider reach. There would be specialized programs on Information Security in Doordarshan& AIR on public interest and specialized column in print media.

Setting up of Toll-free Technical Support Centre:

Support/Call Centre for Information Security Awareness is created for providing telephonic support with National Toll Free Number. It is planned to adopt automated answering system and other intelligent systems for handling various queries. There is a need to develop answering system, knowledge bank, document retrieval mechanism, etc., for this purpose.

Awareness through Quarterly Newsletter and Annual Magazine for all academic and Government:

It is essential to regularly bring out the various developments in the area of Information Security (IS) and also various activities being carried out under the programme to the academic and government institutions through a quarterly newsletter. An Annual in-house Magazine covering the IS area targeted towards academic and government institution is realized. Each newsletter, annual magazine is being widely circulated in both print as well as electronic form to all the stake holders.

Online Media Campaigns through 30 most visited websites:

Associating with online companies/forums such as Yahoo, Facebook etc., for users of online community and also association with various public enterprises (BSNL, AIR India etc.,) for advertising with their customers on public interest. The advertisement could be in the form of scrolls, Stickers, banners, flash based images through top 30 most visited websites such as social networking, email, government websites, etc., of India. As this is the most effective way to reach out to the IT users who use internet extensively.

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